Monday, 4 November 2013

Essential Contacts Before You Move

Moving house means a lot of things for you to do. There is a lot of planning involved, from clearing your clutter, to renting a self storage facility in Melbourne, and to engaging professional movers. You may be too involved in doing the major items that you tend to forget some intangible ones that are important, too, to ensure a seamless move. There is one item that you should not forget to put on your moving checklist and this involves changing addresses as well as organising services for your new home. This is very important so that you are ensured that your utility services are uninterrupted, and you do not miss important correspondences or mails.

Below is a list of service providers that you will need to notify of your change of address. It may not be comprehensive but this is a good start.

  • Government - you will need to change your details with the Australian Tax Office, Medicare, Centrelink (if you are receiving benefits), transport authorities and the electoral commission.
  • Service Providers - make sure your new address is on your banking, insurance, telephone and other regular bills. Do this even if you receive electronic statements because some documents, such as credit cards, still need to be mailed. You also don't want your important bank documents to be accidentally opened by the new occupants of your old home. This will pose a risk to your and your identity.
  • Employment - this is very important, especially for emergency contact purposes. You will need to update your address with your employer. If you run your own business, make sure you update your address with the Australian Business Registry.
  • Education Providers - if you have children, they may be moving schools but make sure to update your contact information if you are studying any correspondence courses, for example. Just like in the employment section, this is important for emergency contact purposes
  • Close family members or relatives - this is just nice to let your family members and some close relatives (or even friends) to let them know of your whereabouts. In case there are important family decisions that needs your involvement, they can easily locate or contact you. Also, it is good to receive thoughtful mails to remember special occasions like birthday cards, etc

Thus, make it a habit to include changing addresses part of your moving checklist. This way, you are ensured that you won't have uninterrupted utility services and receive important correspondences.