Sunday, 19 January 2014

4 Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe

For some people, the wardrobe is a perfectly organised custom-made wardrobe systems where everything seems to fall perfectly into place, where everything is a piece of cake to locate instantly. For the rest of us, it’s a struggle, and understandably so.  With the busyness of life, we don’t have the time to worry about the wardrobe when it is so easy to just close the door and forget about whatever goes on inside there. Fortunately, maintaining an organised wardrobe can be easier than it sounds if you adhere to these four simple pieces of good advice for your soon-to-be organised wardrobe.

Sort, sort, and sort. The first step to an organised wardrobe is to organise everything into separate categories: athletic wear, work clothes, casual clothes, formal wear, and so on. List out how you want to sort everything and then further separate the different kinds of garments. Pants in one drawer, skirts in another, dresses, t-shirts, blouses, underwear, etc. Consider keeping your preferred clothing items displayed in plain sight and an easy-to-reach place, whereas the less-used items can be stored below, and least-used items up high where you do not need to reach them often.

Think seasonal. Because you do not wear the same clothing in winter as in summer, your wardrobe should also change accordingly.  Shuffling your clothes around in your wardrobe from season to season is the best way to keep your wardrobe organised and tidy. During the hot summer months, you can pack all of your sweaters and winter woolies away until the next cold spell comes around again. And if you’re short on closet space, make even more room in your closet by storing these out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed.

Use hooks and hangers. Every closet door is an excellent opportunity for storage space. You can build rows of small shelves inside the door of a closet, or you can easily hang a row of hooks on the inside of a closet door and hang handbags, belts, and even jewelry items such as necklaces there. Install individual hooks, low and high for an efficient and personalized layout that fits your items.

Take advantage of clothing organisers. Storage boxes, shoe boxes, organisers for hanging clothes, garment boxes with separate compartments for socks and underwear. These are relatively inexpensive tools that are available at most retail stores. It is one of the easiest ways to organise your closet space. The key is to take advantage of vertical space and stack them up the smart way.

Your wardrobe does not need to be a scary place. By adhering to these tips above, you can ensure a more efficient and more varied clothes selection process.  We all wish we had more time in the mornings. So take one weekend to go through your clothes, sort them out into different categories, separate the seasonal items and put them in storage boxes, and use some of the easy organising tools mentioned above to help you make more room and declutter your wardrobe in no time.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Why You May Need Storage Services

If you ever wonder what to do with all your belongings that you’ve collected over the years, you’re not alone. This is just one of the common reasons why a lot of people may need help finding storage services in their area. Are you one of these people?

You are travelling for an extended period
Anyone interested in long-term travel should consider storage units as an option. If you're going on an extended trip or don't know when you'll return, a self-storage unit is your cheapest storage option. Think your trip may result in a move? Consider a mobile storage unit to give yourself added flexibility.

You are relocating for a new job
Working in a new city or country is another good reason to take advantage of storage services. If you're renting a house or apartment, it is almost always the cheapest option to leave your stuff in storage. If your situation could become permanent or you have some things that you may need later on, check with companies that offer mobile storage facilities to see if they can move your stuff internationally. If you know the length of your assignment, it's probably cheaper to leave them in a local storage unit.

You need extra living space
Another reason to consider using storage services is to clean up your living space. There will always be things in your life that currently serve no purpose in your life but have too high sentimental value to be simply thrown out. You could store these items in the garage or attic, but if it will be years before these things will be useful or if they are being saved for your children, it will be worth it to put it all in storage where they will not be susceptible to temperature and humidity damage.

Your business needs temporary inventory storage
If you run a small business, local storage units are a great way to store excess inventory and old files and records that are seldom accessed. The wonderful thing about these is that you can pick whatever size is relevant for your needs and thus free up space and remove clutter from your current workspace. It's best to have something that you have constant access to and is never very far away so that accessibility is never an issue for your company.

You are a student living on campus
Being a student presents a strange living situation in that most move away during the summer break months. Generally, students live in one residence for 9 months, leave for 3 months, and then move into a new house or apartment when returning. Instead of moving everything home for the summer, put your belongings in a storage unit close by and then there is no unpacking when you get home and no packing when get back. If you have to make more than two trips to move all of your stuff to a storage unit, consider getting a portable storage unit for added convenience.

If you fall into one of these situations and are thinking about renting a storage space, there are plenty of cheap storage options available in the market. Shop around and find the one that's right for you.