Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Storage Solutions for Businesses

If you have a cluttered office or your storeroom is looking dangerously overcrowded, you may need to look at external storage solutions. Hiring a storage unit can help you keep any excess stock, shop fittings, office equipment and documents and records safe for later use without your business premises being affected and looking crammed full of products, which is messy and doesn’t look very professional or organized to any potential or present clients.

Start by making a complete inventory of items you want to keep in your storage unit. This will help keep track of everything once it is out of sight and will make it easy and quick to locate items in the future.

Prepare items you want to send to storage the same way you would if your office was relocating. Remember, the items still have to travel to the storage unit and they will be packed away, so it is important to avoid damaging anything. Get dust covers for all furniture and pack smaller items safely away in sturdy plastic or cardboard boxes.

Storage is also useful for putting away outdated files that you no longer use but still need to keep. The law states that tax and employment records have to be kept for a period of time and if you have a large customer base this can add up to a lot of paper. Instead of having boxes of records and files cluttering up the office, pack them away, label them, and ship them off to your storage unit with the other items.

There’s nothing to say that they have to remain in the boxes either, if you need regular access to them then consider leaving them in the filing cabinets and store the whole thing in the unit. Then when a particular client’s file is required send someone along to pull it out of the cabinet – it’s so quick and easy and efficient!

With storage fees so low it works out much more economical to rent a storage unit from month to month than moving into larger premises, paying all the moving costs and extra rent. Pay the fees upfront and you might even be eligible for a discount.

Business storage is also useful for restaurant owners and seasonal businesses as it means they can offload their extra equipment and products until the next high season at a very low monthly rate.  Thousands of people use business storage and benefit from the high level of security these places offer, it means you save money on having to hire your own security team too and the headache of employing people to do the work.